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Wedding Photography FAQs

 Q. How far do you travel for your weddings?
A. I am available for wedding photography approximately (each case is different so please contact me regardless) a 75 mile radius from Washington, DC.

Q. How long in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

A. As soon as you know the date. Venue and photographer are two things you want to have pinned down first as there are just that many weekends in a year, especially if your wedding is during high peak season.

Q. Do you have a second and/or substitute photographer in case of illness?
A. Yes, I do: this is extremely important to have one and it is written in my wedding photography agreement with you.

Q. Do you have extra equipment in case your camera will fail?
A. Absolutely: 3 cameras, plenty of lenses and light.

Q. Why do I need to have an Engagement session?
A. Beside having pre-wedding photographs done by your actual wedding photographer, it is very important to establish a connection with your photographer. Therefore I strongly recommend to have an Engagement session done, especially if you feel uncertain about doing one! My Engagement sessions usually last 1 hour to 1.5 hours. This is a great chance to spend one-on-one time with your photographer before your wedding (it is less intensive during the wedding). This experience will allow you to communicate well, and learn how to express your feelings in public without being too much aware of your surroundings. The bonus is very clear: on your wedding day you will hardly notice my camera being pointed at you and if you will, you will not have any thoughts rushing thorough your head such as: “Am I looking in the right direction?”, “What do I do with my hands?” etc.

Basically your Engagement session is a learning experience with a side of getting to know your photographer, and as a result you get great photographs to frame.

Q. What is the dress code for Engagement session?
A. Anything you feel comfortable in. There are some dos and don'ts which I would suggest individually, but the main thing is to keep it comfortable, not only physically, but most important emotionally. Put on your favorite high heels or sneakers - it doesn’t matter too much as the idea is to capture you and who you are. If the clothes fits your personality or current mood the rest will come naturally.

Q. Do you pose us on your sessions?
A. I am trying to see if you naturally comfortable in front of camera. If not I will most certainly offer my pointers on where your hands should be, which way your face should be angled etc. But the most important thing is to have your poses look non-posed, so we take it from real life and what fits your personality. I always ask my clients not to proceed with anything that sounds like it’s not them or doesn't match their energy as a couple: don’t kiss her forehead if its not you, do place your arm on his face if it is you.

Q. How early shall we start photography coverage on the wedding day?
A. My clients usually are divided in 2 categories: 8 hours and 6 hours. From my experience 6 hours usually goes into 7 hours - this is why I always suggest to go through your timeline for the day and see if we are really rolling into 7 hours category, then just book 8 hours as you are getting more for that with certain packages. This being said: I am very open to booking smaller package and upgrading closer to the date if need be. I am also happy to help you with the timeline and give you my suggestions on photography part: how long will certain parts of photography take.

Q. How much time does it take for formal family and wedding party photographs being done?
A. This is the only part of the wedding day I do take full charge of to make sure we are efficient and stress free. I will ask you to email me the list of all the family members and the wedding party who will be included in the formal posed pictures I'll be taking, with all the group combinations. I then print the list out and bring it with me on your wedding day to use during our formal session. This assures me that I have not missed anything, and helps us stay organized. This part is usually taking place during cocktail hour, and the last thing I want is for your guests to be standing there for pictures for a long time instead of enjoying drinks and conversation. I strongly believe if we do it efficiently we will have a happy experience, and plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the cocktail hour.

Q. Do you use additional light for reception?
A. I alway have my studio light stands in the trunk of my car. I check the reception location, and if iI feel it will benefit from additional light in order to have a better quality product I will absolutely use it. This being said, I will ask my couple if they are ok with it. I will educate them on benefits of having one and I will also suggest using it during certain parts of the reception: first dance, cake cutting etc. This way we will have the ambiance of dim light and intimate feeling combined with quality photographs at the end of the day.

Q. Will we have a chance to take a few unposed/informal photos during our wedding day with just us?
A. Absolutely! This is one thing I try to accomplish during each wedding. Timeline permitting, it can be even just 5 minutes, but we will use those 5 minutes wisely in order to take advantage of your nice church or venue surroundings. It is great if we have 20-30 minutes for that, but this purely depends on your timeline.

Q. Do you tell us where to stand while cutting the cake, doing bouquets toss etc?
A. I prefer to be discreet, meaning I will not orchestrate your movements but rather follow you and work around you. This is unless you prefer being told what to do in certain situations - in that case, I will most definitely take charge. Again, I do think photography should be wrapped around you and not the other way around.

Q. How soon will we receive our wedding photographs?
A. Up to one week after the wedding day.

Q. Do you offer albums and prints?
A. Yes, I do! You can book a package with the album and prints included, you can book just the digital package (cheaper option) with the ability to book your album later, or you can simply order your prints. I offer parents' albums, “save the date” etc options - it’s all customizable and I am flexible with my product options.

Q. Before we commit to you can we take a look at your hard copy non-digital portfolio?
A. I will be happy to set up our meeting in person! I do bring my 2 portfolios: each are 12x12 albums which are examples of my wedding package albums. We go through the albums with you so you have a chance to see 1st hand how they feel and look.

Q. Finally, Can we book you without having our in person meeting first and if so, what are the pros and cons?
A. I have around 1/4th of my weddings yearly booked without seeing my clients. If you like what you see on my web site, if you like what you read in my reviews and if you are happy with what you hear during our phone conversation- there is no reason you shouldn’t book. This kind of booking usually happens with my out of state clients, or if I am out of state myself. We will definitely have our meeting once everybody is in the same zip code before the wedding, as well as having our Engagement session. If you are still not sure this is the right way for you, I am happy to custom tailor my wedding photography agreement for you so it is contagious on our in person meeting. If you do not like what you see on our personal meeting then I will be the 1st one to support your decision to get out of the agreement. This never happened to me, but I want you to be comfortable with you commitment to me and likewise.


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